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Prince Philip

Duke of Edinburgh

(1921 -2021)


"... He has, quite simply, been my strength and stay all these years ..."


Queen Elizabeth II


Jokes, Quotes, Publications etc.


Local Power
"... We are aware of, part of, contributed to and/or negligent in so much attrocities committed against 'D' ... We have even purged ourselves, thanks to that stupid solicitor ... We don't want to give 'D' money that he may later use to pay for our prosecution ... He left here to fight in Syria ... those ones have now abandoned him ... We are not giving him anything ... We will be paying people to help cover up all these things ..."


Charity Scandal

"... I overheard that some charity guys here in the United States, are the people that stole my belongings which I left kept in their storage room, because they want to be listed on my website as Defendant. If that is true, it is so idiotic. That is stupidity, low IQ ... I do not necessarily have to list idiots on my website. That does not mean that they will not be prosecuted if there is evidence ..."


"... Since 1989, anytime I voted in UK election, I admit I have voted Labour party ..." 



Independent Attorney : 

It seems to me that there are two options here
(a) pay 'D' 10 million euros
(b) pay state fines, bribes to some employees and others etc., estimated at about 25 billion euros and there is no certainty that this option will be successful

Criminal :
Deep inside me, I hate 'D' with a passion. I don't want him to have any money. I prefer to pay the State fine and bribes of 25 billion euros. Make sure everything is covered up. Completely un-traceable. 


Corrupt Financial Insurance Organization:
We do not trust that 'D'. He is too dangerous ... we have already committed perjury ... we do not belief D's Doctor ... this is fight to finish ... we are not giving him any money ... in any event, it is the Judge's fault. I have not seen a well pleaded particulars of claim than that particulars before ... the government has a lot to answer for in this matter ...

Top Bank

"... We are specialists in hacking ... no need to run ... open your eyes to human slavery ..."

Ministry of Money

"... We don't want to give 'D' money or borrow him any money ... He may escape the country and that will create more difficulities for us in keeping all these things covered up ..."

Abuse of Power or Corruption


   "... Should the United Kingdom make any payment to the European Union under the Brexit arrangement, if the European Union and/or its Member Countries have been in breach even before the agreement was made and continue to so do ? ..."




"... What is President Barack Obama doing in ...

... is in London ..."


Show Me The Evidence
"... Do you really expect me to believe that she is responsible for sending people to pick pocket me whilst I was sleeping ... show me the evidence ... if true, she would be off this website in no time and matter reported to Police ..."


",,, Tell the insurance company you mean business, by hiring a powerful firm of solicitors ..."


"... We choose truth over lies ..."

Joe Biden, United States President

"... and then PM David Cameron, Deputy PM Nick Clegg, Labour Party Leader, Ed Miliband ..."





"... it was like he told me the person I was protecting is dead. I had no idea which version of 'death', he was talking about, because that ... has successfully bribed so many people to create several versions of the meaning of death ..."




"... your enemies will always kill themselves ... clearly, when he made that statement, I did not really have any idea how very true it will turn out to be ... we lost him too early ..."




"... we have so much money, we don't know what to do with it ...He does not have any evidence that I bribed ... I want to continue funding ..."



"... I have no idea why she travelled from United Kingdom, all the way to Nigeria ... I was only in Europe ... a simple email or letter could have helped ..."



"... one should be at least able to sue a country in negligence, for the action(s) or inaction of some citizens, including any fraud, cover-up, etc involved, if the country's government knows about it but did nothing ..."

"... It was my money and my time that I used. No one contributed or helped me. I was working round the clock, barely having time for sleep, taking care of children ... you have no idea how insulting it is to hear that someone whom I have not seen or spoken with for around 15 years, irrelevant in my life, was referring to me as 'lazy boy', when the only thing they did was hack me 24 hours, send people to steal from me, damage my reputation, with the aim of killing me and take over my belongings ... the only place they should be go to is jail ..." 


"... we don't know what to do ... they are independent ..."



"... what can this one do to me ... clothes waiting to be worn ..."




"... we don't really care, it is the government that will pay ..."


"... The Time is coming ... when even these ... won't be able to prevent christmas ..."
UK Attorney General
Geoffrey Cox ..."


"... she's dead, Ijust want to know if he is still going to come ... his best friend ... save the world ..."



"... I just saved someone from being killed ..."



"... who would you chose, the person that is saying NO ACCESS or ..."



"... we want him extradicted to the United States ..."




"... The Claim is totally without merit ...".





"... he has killed so many people ... he is carrying their corpses around ..."



"... surely, it is far easier to say, he has documentary evidence of criminal behaviour of some people ... he is carrying them around ..."



"... You are absolutely right, I am against the any system of bribery, corruption, cover-up and Injustice. I could not care less whether anyone thinks that is cool or not ..."



"... They didn't tell me that is what the money is for ... I didn't know it was a bribe ..."



"... It is difficult to forgive Joel for convincing me about 'God' ... I watched my own 'alleged' buriai on TV with VIPs in attendance ... No Covid ... She ensured that everything was meticulously planned and executed ... I had no say ... no consultation ... The Fiancial terrorist also ... when the only person that could be referred to as 'dead' is he himself ..."



He said to me after hearing
 "... these things have been going on long before this ... You and me could ..."
I thought within me, if he knows that, why did he make this somewhat silly Order. I did not say anything because I did not want to be held for Contempt. Now I know the Order was not so silly afterall. We could send a few idiots to Jail. 



"... Whistleblower, Alone Against The System ..."



"... delibrately to subvert the constitution ... all those who helped him ..."



Is there a legal right to reclaim bribe money and does any inability to reclaim bribe money affect Victim's Rights?



"... I have paid millions in bribe to some people to carry out illegal activities ... They have not done the job. The guy they are supposed to silence is still talking ... and even wants to sue me ... I want my money back ... I knew it was bribe I paid before paying it, but there should be a way for me to reclaim my money ... I feel really skrewed ..."


"... victims waiting years to get justice ..."

U.K. Leader of the Opposition Party, Keir Starmer


"... they said we won ..."


SNP Leader : Ian Blackford




"... we like this guy ... Boris Johnson has not yet replied ..."





"... the status of a court of law becomes quesionable, when it is no longer possible to prosecute legitimate law violations without harassment ... and it is necessary for the court of law and/or its staff to actively be involved in cover-up, destruction of evidence etc ..." 



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