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examination dates commence January 2021 but only through website 

HACRC Online Examinations 

United Kingdom Department for Education to start Online Education Acreditation Scheme (OEAS) in due course.

Presidential Elections

America Decides


"Since the outset of our negotiations we were totally clear that we wanted nothing more complicated than the relationship the EU has with Canada. One based on friendship and free trade." - Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister
"...Good to see Boris Johnson getting some practice in readiness for no-deal Brexit. Hope it goes well for him ..." - Angela Merkel, German Chancellor
"... This is Reality ..." - Barack Obama, Former US President
"... That is the White House behind me ..." - Donald Trump, US President

Jokes' Corner

 Independent Attorney 
It seems to me that here are two options here: 
(a) pay 'D' 10 million euros as settlement out of court 
(b) get a criminal record, pay State fines, bribes to some employees and others etc., estimated at about 25 billion euros and there is no certainty that this option will be successful, because "D" may still sue you.

Deep inside me, I hate 'D' with a passion. I don't want him to have any money. My son and other my attorney have already committed perjury somewhere else. If "D" is able to proof any of these things happened, my son and other attorney are going to jail. I prefer to pay bribes of 25 billion euros. Make sure everything is covered up. Completely non-traceable. If there is no evidence, I cannot get criminal record.

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